Good morning, gang.  I hope that you all had an excellent weekend, whether it was watching football, going to the beach, Pacific BeachFest or whatever you did.  The weather was unreal so hopefully you enjoyed it in some form.  Also, great seeing so many faces stop by the booth at PB Fest on Saturday.  It was a fun time all around and it’s always fun to see hammered San Diegans try and pick up a kettlebell after five hours of festival intake.

Power Hour & Black Ops

As we mentioned last week, both Power Hour and Black Ops are starting this week and we’re very excited to bring these to you guys.  Here are the current times for both classes.

Black Ops – Wednesday, 7:45 pm
Power Hour – Thursday, 6:15 pm

We are going to play around with the time to see what works best and as always, if they become popular then we will add times to the week.  Once we get these off the ground then the core-based class will be right behind it.

For Black Ops, we have decided to open it up for everyone despite the very advanced nature of the class.  Essentially this class is similar to the circuits that we do for Daily Challenges, just revved up a notch.  A bit longer, a bit tougher, a bit more complex movements.  I am willing to put anyone through a grueling workout so long as the following requirements are met:

  • You are healthy (this will not be modified for members with nicks and pains)
  • You are willing to work hard

If you feel you meet the criteria then register and let’s get after it.

For Power Hour, it will be Olympic based and we will be targeting individual strength goals for everyone in the class.  For example, say you have a goal to deadlift 400# (which is my goal).  We’ll be examining your weaknesses when pulling, targeting fail points (off the ground, lock out, etc) and then prescribing deadlift variations that will help with your personal goal.

That is just one example but every class with be entirely strength based, and centered around Olympic movements.  In these classes we’ll also be learning to snatch.

If you missed any of the other newsletters explaining what’s going to be happening in those classes you can go back and read them or just shoot us an email.

Mud Run & Happy Hour

As a reminder, we have the Del Mar Mud Run and Happy Hour Saturday, October 15th!  We have about 25 members on our American Gladiator-themed team and will be rolling up their with victory in mind. For those of you running, you’ll be getting an email about the timeline of the day and those of you not running, if you have not received the facebook event thing, you are all invited and encouraged to come to happy hour in PB afterwards around 4 pm.

Here’s what we have on tap for the remainder of the year, with dates and events subject to change.

  • October 15 – Mud Run & Happy Hour
  • November 12 – Party Bus to Temecula Wine Tasting
  • November 26 – Thanksgiving Hike: Iron Mountain (TBD)
  • December – TBD

Taking any and all suggestions for December’s event.

‘Lean & Mean’ Meal Plan

We have about 20 folks who have taken advantage of the Lean & Mean Meal Plan for just $9.  This week’s recipes are live:

5-Layer Breakfast Lasagna
Enchilada Simmered Shredded Chicken
Pesto Steak Strips w/ Mushrooms
Oven Roasted Cajun Chicken & Carrots

As a reminder, that price will be going up at the end of this month so now is your time to hop on board for basically no cost.  The reviews have been very solid so far so shoot us an email if you want to add it to your plan.

Additionally, you can still upgrade to super unlimited and get unlimited access to all indoor classes, outdoor challenges, yoga for athletes, power hour, black ops, Surf n’ Turf SUP, Lean & Mean meal plan and everything else we do.

Brain Food

I read a lot.  Probably two hours a day on average of different training sites, authors, nutrition blogs, therapy, whatever.  It dawned on me that in addition to relaying the stuff we sort through in person and in the gym, we should just go ahead and post the best of the best for you guys to read on your own.

Here are some things I think you should all be reading this week.

“Is Dairy Healthy?”3 part series by Brian St. Pierre

“Training Speed to Get Strong” – by Eric Cressey

“How to Overcome the Lazy Cheat” – by Rachel Cosgrove

Training Split

Here is the breakdown for this week’s Daily Challenges.

September Gift Card Winner

September’s winner for $30 to Trader Joe’s is Rachelle Rulenz!  We’ll have it in stock for you by the end of this week at the latest so pick it up in class and spend wisely.

Brad Sweet (10:22) and Andrea O’Donnell (shade under 13) were the big winners of the day!  Both of them go into October’s Gift Card Drawing as the first names in.  New trivia question will be up today so come get it!

October Contest Winner

We will be tallying up points as soon as we can and announcing the winner, as well who earned a discount for the month.  We really appreciate those of you who participated and hope to keep the interaction going despite the contest ending.  It really helped getting us out there and is a really valuable tool to have our members so engaged, so thank you!

Let us know what questions, comments and feedback you guys have.