Good morning and Happy Halloween, P360’ers.  Hope that you guys all had an outstanding weekend and got some fun in. We saw a couple of you guys out and let’s just say that it was apparent that everyone was having a good time.  Love it.

November 12th – Temecula Trip

The Limo Bus has officially been reserved so the date for the Bus Wine Tour is Saturday, November 12th!  Here’s how it’s going to work.

It’s a 40-person bus so we are going to have room for hopefully everyone that wants to go.  Here’s how you get a spot on the bus.

  • Referrals – If you have referred a new member since we started the contest in July you have a free spot on the bus.  You can also get a free spot if you have a friend that joins from now until the trip so long as seats continue to remain open.


  • $20 Cash – Just twenty bucks gets you a seat.  We do require that you reserve them in advance so that we can keep track of booked seats.  So just let us know if you’re coming and the $20 will reserve you a seat.


We have had a lot of people ask about bringing friends and we’re going to open it up to non-members on November 7th so if you are coming then make sure you sign-up this week!

Here is the list of people who have earned a free seat via new member referrals.

  • Chris Cisek
  • Heather Dentz
  • Cat Malone
  • John Blackburn
  • Nikki Hass
  • Tori Faught
  • Ashley Blanton
  • Andrew Dallman
  • Laura Stomber
  • Rachelle Rulenz
  • Ian Sells
  • Maria McTighe

If you think we’ve missed you, just let us know as I am sure we overlooked a person or two.

Here’s how to officially sign-up.

  1. RSVP on the Facebook event (all of the day’s details are included)
  2. Drop $20 off at the gym next time you’re in.

Member Shout Outs

Some great accomplishments this week including a 16 pound fat loss, a 26th place triathlon finish and strength gains across the board.

Brain Food

Here are some really good articles I came across over the past week regarding training, nutrition and all things commitment-oriented.

7 Ways to Get Stronger NowEric Cressey

Everything Omega’s –

The Importance of Sleep Podcast – Robb Wolf

Training Split

Here is this week’s breakdown.

Facebook Contest & Trivia

We are pleased to announce that after hours of tallying up your guys’ contribution to our Facebook page that the winner of the contest is……

Jason Weber!

The king of check ins took the cake with his commitment to checking in daily for an entire month.  That’ll do it!

You will be getting an email from us if you reached a discount milestone and we thank everyone for participating.  We’ll be running another one soon so gear up!

The winner of last week’s trivia question was Nick Cadiente.  His guess of 4,000 was closest to the actual answer of 5,000 and change total mammals on the planet.

Let us know what questions you guys have and let’s fill that Limo Bus up!