Hello all!  Hope that you guys had an excellent weekend and enjoyed perfect weather both Saturday and Sunday.  It was a reminder of why we all made the smart decision to call San Diego home.

What did everyone do?  Anything fun?  Pritz and I were both at the wedding of Mike Helms and Kristin Spitz (two P360 members) in Carlsbad and if you haven’t seen how it went, then head on over to our Facebook page, check it out and enter the contest.  Let’s just say, things really escalated at this one.

Speaking of Facebook…

Facebook Month

We are looking to make September our biggest month of referrals to date and we want it to be a group process.  And we all know that while we’re sure you would love to help us out of the goodness of your hears, it doesn’t hurt to throw a little green in there, a huge party and an incentivized point system.

So, we’re going to be financially rewarding all of your Facebook, Twitter & Four Square messages in which you mention Performance360 STARTING TO-DAY

Here are the point accumulation tiers*.

  • 50 points = 10% off for the month
  • 75 points = 20% off
  • 100 points = 30% off
  • Highest Point Total = FREE MONTH

(*subject to alteration up or down once we see how this starts and pre-launch pricing capped at 10% off.)

Here’s how you accumulate points.


  • Like a post we make as Performance360, Dave or Bryan = 1 point
  • Check In = 2 points
  • Post on Performance360’s wall = 3 points (ie. “great workout tonight, guys! Deadlifts kicked my ass!”)
  • Get a friend to ‘like’ our Performance360 page = 3 points (ie. post the link to our page on your wall with ‘please like this page.  I go to this gym and it’s awesome’)
  • Tag @Performance360 in one of your own posts = 4 points (ie. Just got home from doing pull-ups at @Performance360 and I want to kill Dave and Bryan.)
  • Tag us in one of your photos/videos = 5 points (hand us your phone and we’ll snap a photo/video of you doing something in the gym.  Go home, upload and tag us.  That easy. We had someone ask us to film her flipping tires last week and it was a piece of cake.)
  • Put our logo as your profile picture for a week = 1o points



  • Mention us in a tweet = 2 points
  • Re-tweet a P360 tweet = 2 points


Four Square

  • Check In = 2 points
  • Mayor at end of September = 10 points


As you can see, if you put in a minimal amount of effort the points will add up like THAT.  We will keep a running total of all points on a spreadsheet at the gym.  It’s very easy for us to track and super easy for you guys to follow.

If we get to 100 total P360 members by close of business on 9/30 then we’ll take a huge party bus out on our dime and celebrate with everyone. We are currently at 79 members.

This is a great opportunity to save yourself some cash and help us a grow.  A true win-win for all involved so get those social media fingers ready and let’s do it.

Yoga for Athletes

We have yoga for athletes tomorrow at 6:30 am as a reminder!  These classes are geared towards really releasing your hips, relieving lower back pain and making you much more limber in general.  While the focus of our yoga class is on athletic flexibility and mobility, they are great for absolutely anyone and all levels.

Per the help of our own lovely Dee Nipper, Pritz has been doing some yoga poses daily for the last few weeks and is really noticing a difference in how his back feels, and he can almost sit Indian style!  (This is going to be a monumental occasion).

Sign up for yoga, here.

Surf n’ Turf Class

It’s that time again where Surf n’ Turf Stand-Up Paddle class is back on the menu this Friday at 6:45 pm! We have had 29 people try it in the two time slots we’ve offered and it’s been a runaway hit so far.  It will work your core and balance unlike anything you have ever done and add a training variation that will be brand new for you.  It’s a great shoulder and posterior chain workout, as well so come on out and try the craziest workouts you’ll have this year.

Just go to Friday on the schedule and check yourself in, here.

Member Shout Outs

This was a great week for member recognition as we had some really nice improvements and overall accomplishments by everyone across the board.  We were blown away by how well the entire gym did during the Dirty30.  When we did this two months ago we had an average score of 15 rounds completed, and the second time we did it the average rounds went up to 18.   That’s an extra 30 pushups, squats and sit-ups per person which is very significant.

I also want to explain the inclusion of John on that list since it reads pretty funny when scrolling down. John gets recognition for missing that hang clean attempt because he tried it and constantly pushes himself.  His willingness to try and miss at heavier weight is why he saw his deadlift go from 275 to 365 in about a month, why he’s leaned out substantially and why overall he is getting excellent results.

The moral of the story is you HAVE to push yourself to improvements and not let yourself stagnate on a weight you have been out for a while.  And ladies, if you fear getting bulky (which hopefully none of you do at this point) then check out our tutorial on why that won’t happen.  You will become more toned, problem areas will go away and it will be fun to know you can arm wrestle strangers at the bar and probably win.

So, I want to see everyone challenging themselves to the next level this week!

Other Tidbits

  • The recipe this week was submitted by none other than Lee Alcorn.  Having the fine luxury of living with him, I sampled this tri tip that he made last week and not only was it absolutely delicious but it fit the P360 diet criteria.  Complete green light so check it out the Blacksburg ‘Huh’ Tri Tip when you come in for class this week.
  • Trivia winner for the week was Ashley Blanton. With her guess of 13 seconds for longest chicken flight she nailed it on the dot.  I guess that’s what happens when you have a farm in your backyard.
  • We have a good section on Post Workout Nutrition on the Food Science board.  Give it a look when you come in and ask us what questions you have.
  • This week’s training split is going to be a lot of fun as we have some fresh variety for the Daily Challenge classes.  As always, make sure you are considering the Bay Boot Camp for a bit longer, more body weight and slightly more aerobic-based change of pace.

What do you guys have for us in terms of feedback and comments??