Happy Tuesday, everyone.  We’re a day behind publishing Training Insider this week.  My apologies, but it was quite a hectic Monday!  We started with a few new athletes and had some other upkeep during the day that ate up our day before we knew it.

We had a ridiculously fun time with everyone who came out for the first P360 Games on Saturday.  The day went great and who would have guessed that the outcome of the games would have come down to the very last game of push-up flip cup?

Nothing like a 32 person game of flip cup to determine the Gold.

Team Thomas took home the first games over Team Pritz by a NARROW margin of 24 to 23.  If Pritz hadn’t gone yard into the water during Dizzy Bat Race, it would have been a massacre of an outcome.


Sneak Joint was a ton of fun afterwards and we love putting on monthly events where everyone can unwind from their hard work put in the gym during the week, get to know each other and have fun.  f you don’t train to enjoy your life, then you’re missing the boat.

Our next event will be the Party Bus towards the end of September, so get those referrals coming in to ensure a spot on the bus.

Weekly Poll Question

“What is your favorite type of workout and why?”

Head on over to our facebook page to answer it (third post from the top) or drop it in the comment section below.

Facebook Month

We are looking to make September our biggest month of referrals and yet and we want everyone to share in the growth.

So, we’re going to be financially rewarding all of your Facebook, Twitter  & Four Square messages in which you mention and promote Performance360.

We will post all of the details in next week’s newsletter on how you can accumulate points, but essentially you will earn different percentage discounts off your membership for the month based on the point tier that you reach.

  • 30 points = 10% off
  • 50 points = 20% off
  • 75 points = 30% off
  • Highest Point Total = FREE MONTH


It will be a great opportunity to save yourself some cash and help us a grow.  A true win-win for all involved, so get those social media fingers ready!

Member Shout Outs

Before we get into class recognitions I want to recognize Trent Lauer, a high school senior at Bishop’s in La Jolla who’s been training with me for over a year now.

He would be the first to tell you that he came to Performance360 a little undersized, slow-footed and many areas that needed improvement.  He stated from the get go his goal was to play Division-I lacrosse and he kept to it every month for a full year.  It’s something a lot of kids say only because it’s what mom and dad want but rarely what the kid actually wants, and very rarely is a kid actually willing to put in the blood, sweat and tears it takes to receive that scholarship.

Trent voluntarily came to see me three to four days a week for a year, listening to every word we said and every workout we asked of him, he did.

How many of us pushed ourself this hard at 17 to a tangible goal?

His hard work paid off last week in formally accepting a Division-I lacrosse scholarship to Fairfield University, one of just a handful of over 1,500 San Diego lacrosse players to receive a DI offer.

Outstanding work, Trent.  This one hits home for me since Trent’s been a P360 guy for so long, and it’s great to see one of our kids reach their goal through nothing but pure work ethic.

…+2 entries to the Gift Card Lotto to the following people and their great accomplishments.

Texas BBQ Salmon Tacos

This is a great recipe for those that like both BBQ and seafood, and if salmon is too strong of a taste for you then you can easily swap this out for another fish.  Any will do just fine.

  • 1 wild salmon filet
  • 2 oz. Stubb’s Original BBQ Sauce
  • Slice red onions & tomatoes
  • 1 head iceberg lettuce
  • low fat ranch or mexican cheese (optional)

Marinate the salmon in BBQ sauce and cook to your temperature liking in a pan.  While the salmon is cooking, prepare the lettuce wraps by placing sliced onions and tomatoes inside individual leaves (which will act as the taco wrap).  Once the salmon is done put as much of it in the lettuce wraps as you like.  Top with mexican cheese if you prefer

Yoga & Surf n’ Turf

We had a great Beach Yoga session this morning and the feedback from those of you that have tried it has been tremendous.  If you have not given it a try make sure to do so this Thursday.  You are missing out on a great way to increase your mobility, improve the health of your lower back and really loosen up problem areas like hips and hamstrings.

As a reminder, next one is Thursday night so come check out Sarah Redding and her awesome class.

First time is free and drop-ins after that are just $10.

Surf n’ Turf SUP Boot Camps have been going great and through the first two classes the feedback has been awesome.  People really seem to like the completely different and off the wall way to train, and whether you loved it or not you definitely had a good workout and different experience.

The next class will be Friday, September 2nd so come on out!  First time is free and drop-ins after that are just $15 each time!  Compare that to around $40-$60 for other companies and it’s an absolute steal for a great core, balance and shoulder workout that you won’t find anywhere else in San Diego.

This week’s Trivia Question winner was HD!  Her guess of  25 pounds was closest to the correct answer of 23.6 pounds…that poor, poor mother…

Let us know what questions, comments, feedback and suggestions you guys have.