Happy Monday, fools.  Monday, while it being a depressing work day its a great day to get your entire week started off on the right foot nutrition and training wise.  Monday lays the foundation for how the rest of the days after it will go so it’s important that Monday be a productive day!

Football season is in full on depression mode for me right now since the Redskins are returning to their true form and my fantasy teams are getting stomped.  I have nothing to live for on Sundays right now and it’s no way for an American male to feel on the greatest day of the week.

Here’s what we have going on in the gym that you guys should be aware of.

Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween falls on a Monday this year but we’re going to pretend it’s a Friday for the sake of the gym.  So, this Friday let’s have some fun with it.  Wear your best costume to the gym on Friday and the winner (as deemed by His Honorables Pritz & Thomas) gets (15) $1 drink tickets to Sneak Joint.  Let’s see what everyone’s got!

GREAT pic from my friend's gym in North Carolina this week.


Member Shout Outs

Awesome week for you guys.  A deadlift and box jump record fell, and another box jump record was matched.

November Recess

To Temecula we go!  Thanks for everyone who provided feedback regarding winery vs. brewery as it was almost a dead heat.  In the end, we made the executive decision since the outdoor aspect of Temecula and the longer bus ride took the cake.

So, here is what we have for you guys over the course of the next 45 days in terms of gym events.

  • Limo Bus to Temecula – Saturday, November 12th
  • Thanksgiving Day Hike – Cowles Mountain, 8 am

For the Limo Bus on the 12th, we have had the referral contest for the past 60 days and we will continue it until the 12th. Referring a new member gets you a spot on the bus.  If you don’t earn a spot that way then you can still most certainly come.  Seats will be roughly $20.  Should be an awesome day so circle the calendar.

The Thanksgiving Day hike will be a lot of fun and a way for us to eat and drink guilt-free all day.   Cowles is a short hike with great views so we can be in and out of there in two hours.

Training Split

Here is what we have going on this week in the gym.

Specialty Classes

As a reminder, we now have a full lineup of Specialty Classes that run every single week.  Here is what we have going on this week and for the foreseeable future.  Remember, spots are very limited so sign up early!

  • Core Blast – Tuesday, 5:30 pm
  • Black Ops – Wednesday, 7:45 pm
  • Yoga for Athletes – Thursday, 6:30 am
  • Power Hour – Thursday, 7 pm


Ladies, don’t be afraid of Power Hour.  We know there are at least a couple of you who want to get stronger and this is a great class to focus up on it.  This goes for fellas that might be a little intimidated, as well.  This class is completely broken down by strength level and really personalized.  The camaraderie is high and I’ve really liked the vibe the first three classes.

What’s the Deal With: Dairy

Check out the board when you come in this week for a very short summary on how all dairies are not created equal.  All in all, dairy is something that is going to vary person to person in terms of lactose tolerance and effect on body composition.  There are many reasons we place it in Yellow Light territory and this 3-part series from Brian St. Pierre does a phenomenal job of explaining it.

Facebook Contest

Thanks for your patience while we meticulously count all the points.  We will have the final results for you guys this week and will be applying discounts accordingly.

This week’s trivia winner is Pat Conner!  His guess of 2,100 miles was closest to the answer of 2,437 for “what is the distance from San Diego to New York City traveling in a straight line”.  Into the lottery goes Pat.

As always, continue to let us know what we can do to make this a better gym for you guys.