Good morning, P360’ers.  We have a jam packed newsletter this fine November Monday morning so let’s get right to the meat of it.

Ff you missed last week’s blog post about my 15 years of eating habits then feel free to check it out for some insight into my own trials on what and how to eat and train.  Good lighthearted read to break up your Monday.

Holiday Referral Contest

We are putting together two GIGANTE contests to close out 2011 (that felt weird to say) and we’re really excited about both of ’em.

The first is going to be a points-based referral contest where you will accrue points for various referrals.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

  • Have a friend try the gym = 1 point
  • Have a friend join the gym = 5 points


Clean and easy.  We want to encourage as much trial as possible from now until the end of the year and we know a lot of you have mentioned that you have friends who have been meaning to try us.  Let’s give them a good ole’ kick in the ass an get them in here.

We have two Grand Prizes.

  • 1st Place: $100 You-Call-It Christmas Present (we’ll either hand you a $100 bill, take $100 off your dues for the month, get you shoes, pay a bar tab, whatever.  The $100 value can be put to anything you want).
  • 2nd Place: $50 off membership for the month


We’ll have a running tally of the standings on the board throughout the course of the next two months so let’s do this!

‘Staches for Soldiers

We are off to a great start with our ‘Staches for Soldiers initiative for the Wounded Warrior Project.  If you need a refresher on how this works then check out the original blog post.

Here are the tallies so far with the number representing days in mustache and the parenthesis representing female sponsor.

  1. Chris Cisek – 7 (Danielle M.)
  2. Jason Weber – 7 (Ashley Blanton)
  3. Yash Norhashemi – 6 (Alex Vekich)
  4. Pritz – 6 (Kristen Petersen)
  5. DT – 6 (Laura Stomber)
  6. John Blackburn – 6 (Tori Faught)
  7. Dan Punaro – 6 (Megan May)
  8. Chris Hill – 4 (Kelly Tait)
  9. Tim Valaski – 2 (Chrissy P.)
  10. Brandon Flora – 2 (Maria Kelly
  11. Jon Mesic – need update (Brenna Bulach)
  12. Nic Cadiente – need update (Cat Malone)
  13. Lee Alcorn – need update (Jandy Marie)


We are off to a great and creepy start so let’s keep team morale high and raise some money for a great cause.

Temecula Bus

We are excited about the bus this weekend and have a full roster going.  You’ll be getting a separate email from us if you signed up with all of the complete details.  If you slacked off and never registered then let me know if you want to get on the waiting list as seats are now full.  If people drop out we’ll be offering on a first come, first serve basis.

Member Shout Outs

Another outstanding week with a new record and two ties of existing records.

Good Eats

We have about 25 people at this point on the Lean & Mean Meal Plan and the results so far have been awesome.  Those on it are leaning out and gaining strength at a very noticeable rate and we’ve heard 11 pounds as the highest fat loss on it to date.

Each week we provide four meals with all of the ingredients and cooking instructions so that the guess work of daily nutrition is completely removed.

If you want access to it then let us know and we’ll tell you the options. It’s just nine bucks per month to add to any plan or you can bump up to Super Unlimited .

Here’s a sampling from it that I ate all last week and thoroughly enjoyed.

Chorizo Scramble

  • 12 eggs
  • 6 oz. egg whites
  • 12 oz. pork chorizo
  • 4 diced jalapenos
  • 2 diced bell peppers
  • 6 oz. feta cheese


Brown the chorizo and jalapenos for five minutes and then add the remaining ingredients and scramble together.  Add the cheese at the very end and store in a large tupperware container.

Holiday Gym Contest

The second holiday contest we mentioned is going to start in approximately a week and it is going to be awesome.  We are going to have a series of categories in which you can compete with some seriously awesome grand prizes for the winners.

Here are the tentative categories.

  1. Biggest Loser (most weight lost total)
  2. Biggest Loser Percentage (highest percentage total of weight lost)
  3. Strong Man & Woman (highest strength increase)


Prizes are TBD and we’ll have the full details next week but we want to see as many of you participating as possible.  Given that the average person gains anywhere from 1 – 11 pounds of fat during the holidays we don’t want to see a single one of you be a statistic.

Training Split

Stand-Up Paddle Surf n’ Turf will be on again this week but will be moved up to 9:30 to accommodate those of you going on the bus.


Mr. Nic Cadiente wraps up another trivia victory with his exact guess of 136 degrees as the “hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth.”  His guess of Gobi Desert (Libya was the answer) was not correct but the temperature was spot on.

While Brad Sweet was close with his guess of 3,000 degrees, the prize goes to Nic.

Stay tuned for Thanksgiving Hours and events, the details on the holiday fitness challenges and more stuff next week.