This summer has been a lot of fun so far at Performance360 and we are really looking forward to another solid few months with what we have rolled out, and with what’s coming soon.  We started yoga last week and as a reminder, Stand-Up Paddle is coming this Friday!  On top of that, we have new meal plans we’re offering, a mud run coming up and variety of other things to keep you fed, fit and content.

Yoga Feedback

Thank you to those of you who shared your feedback with the yoga class.  We had a total of 21 people give it a try last week and hoping that continues into tomorrow.

This service is entirely a result of member demand, so you guys will be the only ones who decide how it’s run.  We heard from a few folks that they really liked the stretching, static aspect of it and that it was a great compliment to the classes.  Others liked it and asked for an additional fast-paced yoga class.  What did you think?

We’ll continue to roll out options for everyone so that we’re all happy.

We’ve already had a handful of people add the Unlimited Beach Yoga to their package ($19/mo) so just let us know if you want it and we’ll seamlessly add it.  It’s only going to increase in price as we roll out more classes so this is your chance to get it at it’s lowest cost.  All of you have to do is email us and we’ll add it for you.

Your first yoga class will always be free, and after that drop-ins will be $10 (going up to $15) so just like our regular membership, the unlimited will always be the best option.

Next classes are tomorrow at 6:30 am and 6:30 pm so sign-up here and come on out!

Stand-Up Paddle: Friday!

We are really excited to roll out the SUP Boot Camp this Friday at 6:30.  It’s going to be a lot of fun and we’re looking forward to bringing a varied element of training to you guys.  We already have four signed-up and we expect this to fill up quickly so hop on it!  You can access the site here and just scroll to Friday to sign-up.

This Friday’s class is free of charge so no reason to not come try it out!

Member Shoutouts

Last week’s big event was “The 600” and like we expected, the improvements were tremendous across beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of fitness.  We saw times go from high 20’s to low 20’s, 20’s to teens and great times go to outstanding.  The reason we do this kind of stuff is so that you can see and feel just how much you have improved and the gains that you’re all making in your fitness levels, and like I said, they have been outstanding!

Referral Party Bus

As a reminder we have an awesome referral contest going for the remaining days of summer.  Every referral that you guys successfully make gets you a spot on the End of Summer Blowout party bus.  Keep those referrals coming in so that we can all have an awesome time.  We’ll get the new business and you guys get the party.  It’s a win-win for all involved.

Custom Meal Design

A lot of people have asked us about custom meal plans and we are pleased to announce that they are officially on the menu!  It’s a practice that I’ve used with a lot of success with previous personal training clients so we decided to roll it out the option to all members.  We have three members currently on a personal plan and we’re excited to see the awesome results.

Here’s how it works.

  • We design your meal plan one week at a time.
  • You’ll get a print out and email copy at the end of each week for the upcoming week. It will contain all of your major meals and what you need to do to prepare them.  It will have your goals broken down, where your personal caloric intake needs to be, what to avoid, what to drink and everything in between.
  • It contains the Tracking Grid which allows us to follow your progress and make sure you’re where you need to be.
  • You’ll work one-on-one directly with me and we’ll chat and review multiple times per week.

The cost is $49/month.

While the free information we provide will enough for you to get awesome results, this option creates more accountability, is more custom and ensures you stay on track if that’s what you prefer.

Del Mar Mud Run

We are starting to build a nice little team for the Mud Run on October 15th and keep the sign-ups going.  We have nine that have fully registered and another seven that are hopefully signing up soon.  We’re taking all fitness levels and ages, and once we have our final team we’ll decide what ridiculousness we’re going to dress ourselves as.  I am making a push for full real mustaches for the guys and ladies, I’ll leave that one up to you!

Full registration info here.

Training Split

Here’s this week’s Daily Challenge snapshot.  For Friday, the relay race is not the same thing as the SUP class.  The relay race refers to what we are doing in the Daily Challenge (and no, it’s not an actual relay race but a very cool idea we implemented for boot camp on Saturday.)

Class Times

We are still playing the class times by ear.  You guys have given us some good feedback on the preference and it sounds like the Tuesday/Thursday schedule remains the fan favorite.  We will definitely be switching over once we start to fill up the regular times, so stay tuned.

Let us know what questions, feedback and thoughts you guys have.