Top 9 Reasons [NOT] to Join P360

1. You think quality = $200 memberships
Times are tough. We aren’t.

 2. You like mirrors and neon lights.
We’re a gym, not a club.

3. You chase ‘calories burned’.
We believe it’s what you can build, not burn.

4. You want fancy amenities.
No smoothie bars or cold towels, sorry.

5. You like walking on your hands.
We’re not a circus. We focus on what’s accessible and what works.

6. You fear muscle.
We celebrate the construction of strong bodies, not skinny culture.

7. You “just want to sweat.”
Our program is rooted in strength, not treadmills.

8. You want your own personal space.
For us, it’s team training and group energy or nothing.

9. You prefer “studios”
We don’t even have a front desk. Just coaches.

This list isn’t for everyone, and neither are we. For 12 years, in a world of boutiques and studios, we remain committed to giving off nothing but our own vibes.