Top 11 Reasons [NOT] to Join P360

Part one of this installation was all about the Top 11 Reasons why you might be attracted to joining P360, the galvanizing nature of our culture and the main ways in which we focus on serving our members. In keeping with the theme of transparency, we’d also like to make you aware of things that might cause you to be turned off by your culture.

Ultimately, we like people to know what kind of culture they’re getting into in so that ultimately, you can find the best place to serve your needs.

1. You’re Addicted to ‘Calories’
You think that the measurement of calories burned and peak heart rate is the primary metric for a program that drives results. You will burn calories here, but you will also build strength, develop lean, athletic muscle, and improve upon your health. Not chase 800 calorie damaging workouts.

2. You’re a “No Pain, No Gain” Guy or Gal
If you think bloody hands, scraped shins or unbearable next day soreness is a badge of workout honor, you might not enjoy our coaching or workout style. We believe in doing the right amount for adaptation to take place, not overkill.

3. You Believe Barbells Are The Only Way to Train
We love barbells and they form our fitness foundation. However, they comprise a slice of the pie. There are many days where we don’t touch barbells and instead opt for kettlebells, dumbbells, sleds, suspension rings, medicine balls, bikes, rowers, and more. We aim to be well rounded, not specialists.

Top 10 Reasons Not to Join P360
4. You Prefer to Go It Alone
We are a community here and we train together as one. While our workouts are individualized for goal, we don’t do separate workouts off in the corner and we don’t tolerate members who don’t listen to coaching.

5. You Go Heavy All The Time
Heavy strength training is a part of our overall weekly stimulus to create results, but it’s a portion of our training that is in the minority. We believe in the ‘Minimum Effective Dose’ principle. Enough to get you strong, not get you hurt.

6. You Think High Price = Elite Fitness
You won’t ever find a $200 price tag on our training. You will find coaches with more well rounded education than any other strength and conditioning gym in San Diego, owners who are obsessed with the quality of the experience, and thoughtful programming aimed at intentional outcomes.

7. You Want to Dive Into the Highest Progression Right Away
We don’t just chuck you into complexity. If your ego won’t allow you to develop safely and properly with your Coach’s progressions, you may not enjoy our environment of safety and development before intensity.

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8. You Prefer Tiny Classes
We are a leader in this space for a reason. People enjoy training here and that is reflected in our classes. We cap our class rosters at 25 people and the average class size is 16 members across all ability levels. Our environment is one of high energy and sharing equipment.

9. You Think We’re CrossFit
A common misconception by many CrossFitters or those looking to get into it. While we use some of the similar tools, our entire philosophy on fitness and program design follows a much different path. We believe in structure and repetition, planning out six week cycles so that you can see tangible progression week over week.

10. You Fuss About Cardio
You’re going to bike, run, and row in many workouts here. The foundation of our program is strength and weight training, but ensuring that your aerobic and cardiovascular ability are top notch is high on our list of outcomes for you, as well.

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11. You Dislike Accountability
You will register for class here. You will have a Coach learn your name. You will be pushed appropriately and have a Coach make an effort to interact with you personally. While we won’t ever be overbearing, we will do our best to make sure your 50 minutes here is the best part of your day.

We hope that you find this list helpful in making a determination on whether or not you would be a fit for our culture. We respect all types of fitness and think there is something out there for everyone. If this lists aligns with your values or piques your interest to try something new in a gym experience, then we welcome you to join us.