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Open Gym: 3 – 4 pm at P360 Crown Point

Daily Challenge: “Patagonia”

Extended Warm-Up

5 minutes of TGU practice

6 Rounds

1 or 3/sd TGU
10 MB Slams
100m Row
Rest for 1 minute


Finisher: Optional (Highly Skilled Only)

80# (men) / 50# (women) Snatch Test in 5 minutes

Clock will run for 5 minutes. Switch from dominant arm to non-dominant arm at 2:30.  This test is only for those who can easily snatch the required weight.


  • Perform 3 reps for those learning TGU, 1 rep for those who wish to target strength.
  • Keep a stranglehold on the handle of the weight and make eye contact with it the entire time.
  • Move slowly, sweep the opposite knee under the opposite leg.
  • Always keep your wrist directly above your shoulder.


P360 Outdoor: “Chatty Kathy”

4:30, 5:30 and 6:30 pm @ P360 Mission Beach

Format: Fun run with a plate
Time: 30 minutes

Then, abdominal finisher

30 Spidermen
20 rev crunch
10/s side crunch
30 sit ups


P360 Endurance: 6 pm @ Kate Sessions

Format: Sprints & Hill Combo
Location: Kate Sessions

4 x straight away sprints (~400m) @ 60 second recovery
2 x outer hill repeat use downhill as recovery

Both sets x3