There will not be open gym all week long due to set-up at P360 Crown Point.

Daily Challenge: “High Fidelity”

Format: 10 Round Circuit + Finisher

10 Rounds

10 Barbell Rows
10 Rev. Crunch
5 Box Jump Overs (see video demonstration below)

Finisher: B.U.A.N.

25 Renegade Burpees
(Think 5 reps @ a time, then rest)


Format Notes

  • Take your time on the 10 rounds in the circuit.  This is a slower, steadier paced workout.


Movement Notes

  • Barbell Rows – Address and pick up the barbell like a deadlift.  Hips hinged, chest flat, tension in the hamstrings.  Row below the chest to the sternum.
  • Reverse Crunch  – Keep the upper back flat on the ground and your heels tucked.  Do not kick your feet over your head!
  • Box Jump Overs – Jump over a plyo box and land on the other side for 1 rep.  Turn around, jump back over for 2nd rep, etc.
  • Renegade Burpees – Renegade Row R, Renegade Row L, feet together.  Jump the weight straight up like a burpee.

P360 Outdoor: “Welshley Arms”

Format: 8 Round Circuit

450m sprint to start


10 KB swings
12/s plank hip dips
10 KB hi pulls
30 jack knives

8 Rounds


Then, to finish
450m sprint