Yoga @ 8 pm

Open Gym:

  • 3pm – 4pm

Daily Challenge: “Hallmark”

Format: Circuit, 8 Rounds

Extended Warm-Up:
3 x 12 Goblet Squats
3 x 12 Push-Ups

Tier 1:
5 Front Squats
8 DB Bench Press
80m Farmer’s Walk
x8 Rounds

P360 Outdoor: “Market Share”

Format: Circuit, 1 Time Through + Core Finisher

450m Run
25 MB Squats
20/s Hurdle Hops
15 Push-Ups
450m Run
20 MB Squats
15/s Hurdle Hops
10 Push Ups
450m Run
15 MB Squats
10/s Hurdle Hops
5 Push Ups
Core blast, 4 Rounds
20 sit ups
20 Reverse crunches
20 side crunches
20 sec rev. plank

P360 Endurance @ 6pm

Location: Fiesta Island. Park in the dirt lot at the Fiesta Island split – lot is immediately after the road forks, stay right at the fork and you will see lot to your left. (click to see map). Carpool if possible.

Format: 2-mile Repeats

2-mile loop @ 80% effort (maintained)
2-minute recovery
x 2 (x3 for more advanced runners)