Daily Challenge

“Ren & Stimpy”
Format: Team Circuit

A: 200m Run
B: Max Plank
C: Max Barbell Rows
(x25 min)



6a, 12p, 7p (CP)

5×10 Back Squats @ 60%

10 Weighted Pushups
10 Contracted Barbell Rows

7a (MB, indoors)

Because we will be moving locations in October and inherent seasonality of the class existence, Outdoor Shred is off the schedule for the season.

35 min of:
20 curtsey lunges
20 toe touches
20 lateral pushups
20 1 leg v-up
20 plank ups
20 squat jacks
20 lateral traveling burpees
100m run

Finish: 100m indian squat holds

4:30, 5:30p – MB

10 hook swings
2 BW squats
(5 min EMOM)

5 Excalibur squats
5 ring rows

10 band resisted swings
5 push ups