Daily Challenge

“Menage a Trois”
Format: 3-Tier

25 Hang Cleans @ 80%
500m Run

25 Deadlifts @ 80%
500m Run

25 FTF Push Jerks @ 70%
500m Run



P360 Muscle
6a, 12p, 7p (CP)

12 Deadlifts @ 75%
10/s Swinging Delt Raises
12 Heavy Goblet Squats
12 DB Bench Press
10 Reverse Grip Barbell Curls

7a (indoors), 4:30, 5:30p (outdoors) – MB

With a 24 minute running clock, do not rest:

3 minutes max jumping jacks
20 min of:
15 squat jumps
15 hand release pushups
15 hollow rocks
15 supermen
1 min max burpee.

4:30, 5:30p – MB

Phase 1
5:4:3:2:1 (p/s) Strict press
(p/s) Bottoms up press
Goblet squat

Phase 2
Station A
5 snatches (p/s)
80m run

Station B
5 tire slams (p/s)
5 broad jumps

Efficient Pacing

Today’s workout will requite both strength and stamina. To ensure you hit your time cap and also get the most out of your weight, think about hitting 3 – 5 reps at a time with about a one minute rest in between your sets.  It goes without saying, but unless you have very proficient experience in all three of these movements, you’ll be required to dial that weight back to about 50%.