THURS: Why We Like Landmines

We don’t often have landmine movements in the PSC classes, but when we do, they are very beneficial.

Similar to how the ring movements require our body to stabilize and move in a way that is unlike their non-ring counterpart (think ring dips versus regular dips), the landmines are the same way.

Because the barbell is anchored into a rotating holder, the barbell will not follow a clean, easy path. Your abdominals, obliques, glute medius and other important stabilization muscles all must work much, much harder in a landmine movement.

Like today, they also allow us the ability to rotate under load. No other piece of equipment can achieve that with such ease.

More smaller muscles getting to work equals a stronger, healthier you in the stuff you enjoy doing most.

-The Team

Thursday, 5.2.19

3×12’ Circuits  

10 Push Ups
5 Jump Overs
10 V-Ups
8/5 Cal Bike

8 Sandbag Squats
8 Renegade Rows
8 Lunge Jumps
60m KB FR Carry

8 LM Rotational Lunge and Press
8 Plank Ups
8 Skaters
100m Run