THURS: What’s in a Hashtag?

Everything comes with a hashtag these days. Posts, conversation, weddings, they’re everywhere. (Speaking of, have any ideas for ours?)

We’ve all attended seminars and workshops that ask you to post about it using their hashtag of the weekend, which to me is kind of lame. A hashtag is like a good joke. If you have to prompt audience action like sitcoms using a laugh track, it’s probably a bit forced.

Become More has long been our rallying cry and our flag. It went from unofficial motto, to trademarked slogan, to the lifeblood that defines what we’re about here, but the thing is we’ve never really defined it. We’ve kind of treated it like a painting tossed up on the all and best left interpreted by the user, since the LAST thing we want to do here is dictate your pursuits.

We’re all after our own version of a noble pursuit. Some of you chase numbers. Some of you chase emotions. Some of you chase a complicated mixture of both that’s completely unique to you and your why. What you’re after is largely irrelevant to us. How you go about it is what we’re hoping to influence. An environment where we don’t single out certain capacities, but embrace and improve a wide variety of them. We want our community to think in terms of fitness as a means to filling the cup, not emptying it. Focusing on acquisition of opportunity granted through fitness. Not forfeiture due to obsession. Development, not destruction. Checkpoints, not destinations.

There’s so many opportunities in this world to carry a less than or equal to mindset. We’d like for you to think of yourself and where your human body is going as greater than.

Or something like that…but I’ve already said too much.


Thursday, 4.19.18

First, for Strength.
3/s Step Through BB Lunges
8 Sumo KB Rows
20″/s High Side Plank
Complete 1 set every 5 min. for 20 min.

Then, for Conditioning.
6 Push Press
60 OH Plate Flutter Kicks
10 Ring Rows
80m Farmer Walk
(x15 Min)