THURS: Welcome, Coach Dan Lucas!

We are very, very excited to announce that Dan Lucas will be joining our coaching team in June.

When we put out the call that we were hiring, our inbox was flooded with some very, very qualified applicants. After interviewing Dan twice, examining his understanding of movement, and in turn fielding his questions about us and where we were headed, we were all unanimously on the same page that Dan was going to be a great fit here.

We’ll let you get to know Dan in person, but here’s what stuck out most to us in speaking with Dan and his coaching philosophies.

  • His ability to see fitness as holistic, and not based on numbers.
  • Excitement to practice what he preaches, attend class, and roll up his sleeves in the training.
  • Understanding of how to reach multiple levels through different styles of coaching and cuing. 
  • Direct, yet approachable communication style. 
  • Steadfast belief in group fitness. 

Most importantly, Dan is a great fit for our culture, what we teach, and how we communicate it.

Dan is attending our upcoming Coaches Academy and is working towards his P360 FCC Level 1 designation. In addition, Dan is a USAW Sport Performance360 certified, is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and is Level 2 CrossFit and CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting certified.

Dan hits the schedule next week. Please welcome him with open arms and be sure to introduce yourself to him when you see him around the gym.


Thursday, 5.31.18

First, for Strength.
20’ of Snatch Work
OHS work for those working on Mobility

Then. For Conditioning.
A1: 8 Figure 8 Cleans + 8 V-ups
100m Run
A2: 8 OHKBS + 8 Hollow Rocks
100m Run
B: Rest