THURS: Thank You, OB

OB Fam, we just wanted to take a quick moment and not only congratulate you on three months of hard work, but say thank you.

Entering into a new community has had its successes and its challenges, and we couldn’t be more thankful for all of your support. You guys have made this adventure worth it and give us tremendous hope of what we can build together in Ocean Beach.

So thank you. We couldn’t have done, and can’t do this without you.

-Dave, Lenny, and Jules

Thursday, 7.5.18

First. For PPB SE4:
5’ Max Push-Ups

Then, for Structure.
5/s Pistols
10” Back Extension (x2)
10 Oblique Pendulum Swings
*Every 3’ for 12’ (x4)

Finish. In Teams of 4
200 Total Cals on Assault Bike
*In sets of 10 Cal Sprints*