THURS: Thank You For 5 Great Years, Coach Brenna

Today marks Coach Brenna Bandy’s final day at the gym, both as a coach and member. This week, she and Sam will be making the drive to Denver where she starts a new chapter. We wish her nothing but the best of success, and figured it fitting to check in on some closing thoughts since she’s experienced so much here.

Take us back to first trying out the gym and the decision to join.

I actually don’t recall my first class, but I do know that I was instantly hooked. It was summer of 2013 and a few friends and I joined to help prepare for a Tough Mudder. Lifting weights and training in a group setting were both entirely new to me, but I loved it. The Coaches, the members and the overall energy of the gym quickly made distance running and jumping around with Shaun T pretty damn boring. I signed up with the intention of sticking around for a month or so; 5 years later here we are. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

You’ve publicly shared how your mentality with fitness has shifted throughout your experience here. Can you speak more to that?

Prior to P360, fitness was a means to hitting a certain number on the scale. It was not fun and my relationship with fitness was not a healthy one. These days this couldn’t be further from the truth. I now train with the purpose of getting stronger. Sure, my fingers stay crossed that a booty and abs stick along the way, but they aren’t the priority. Being healthy and having fun are.

What is the biggest takeaway you’ve learned in strength training?

Patience. There are no shortcuts when it comes to strength training goals; they take time and you need to invest in your body along the way.  I had to learn to train smarter once conditioning took a back seat to strength training. You can’t put your body through the ringer day in and day out and expect it to continuously get stronger. Also, second biggest takeaway, and we say this all the time to our members: technique > load. Adding weight to dysfunction is a straight shot down a dead end.

What is the biggest takeaway you’ve learned with nutrition and physique?

That this stuff isn’t rocket science. You don’t need to remove entire food groups to lean out. Carbs are not the enemy, especially when we train the way we do. I don’t know why balance is so hard to nail, but that’s really the key. Eat real foods, have the occasional pizza and you’ll be just fine.

What have you learned coaching here?

A lot about simple human relationships and interaction. You can have all the knowledge and cues in the world, but it’s not nearly as important as investing in someone and showing that you genuinely give a fuck. People aren’t going to trust your word when they don’t yet trust your intention. Oh, and I’m absolutely terrible at names.

What are some memorable experiences you’d like to share?

6am classes with former Coach Robby at Mission Beach will always be my favorite times. The OG 6am crew, the sunrise on the bay, the music – we had a lot of laughs.

What are some strategies and lessons you have learned here that will take onward?

Goals take time – you can’t rush this stuff. Off days won’t slow down your progress – take them. Do not force a workout. SLEEP. No food is bad food. Take the time and get to know your peers. No one gives a shit if you’re 10, 20 pounds heavier. Compete with yourself, no one else. It’s easy to get caught up in numbers; don’t let your weight or your training or PRs define you.

What are some ways that being here has positively impacted your life?

I’ll always appreciate how much I learned about myself and grew as a person because of my time at P360. The woman I am today is a far better version of the person I was when I first joined. I’m much more comfortable in my own skin and I demand more from myself because I know what I’m capable of.  It’s fair to say this is due to interactions with members, the friends made and the confidence that P360 training brings and also demands.

You’ve been with Performance360 from it’s first location to it’s third. What can you share about being a part of that?

It’s been so awesome being along for the ride. So much has changed as the gym has continued to grow, but a big thing that has been constant is the community and what I consider a “P360 member.” The gym has a way of attracting a certain type of person and steering away the opposite.  You will notice those that stick around seem to have similar characteristics in that they’re personable, supporting, good-hearted people.

Dave and Pritz have done a really awesome job at instilling community as a core value and I’m happy it has stuck. It’s what makes the gym so special.

My time spent in San Diego has pretty much revolved around our gym; it became home and its members became family. Leaving is not easy.  Thank you all for the best memories and making my time in SD what it was. There is no doubt I will be back – I won’t be able to stay away too long. Keep kicking ass.

I love you guys.


Thursday, 9.20.18

First. For Strength.
2 Hang Snatches
*rest 20”*
2 Hang Snatches
8 KB Dead Bugs
Complete 1 set every 4 min for 20 min

Then. For Conditioning.
5 Hang Power Clean and Push Jerk ~@50%
6 Plyo Skaters
100m Run