FRI: Phase 1 Gets a Mentor (and Testing Tweak)

Friday’s PSC workout below.

The Phase 1 program will now only require the following tests.

  1. 5 MIN. GOBLET SQUAT TEST (60 Reps @ 62# men / 44# women) – This is an increase in both required load and volume.
  2. 5 MIN. ENDURANCE ROW TEST (1,200m men / 1,000m women) – This remains the same.

There is no longer a KB Swing test. We felt that it was too demanding of an ask from a technical and skill perspective, and that reps were being completed at the cost of proper motor learning, thus defeating the purpose.

Our Phase 1 program for new athlete on-boarding has been very successful over the past year when it comes to developing new members safely and effectively preparing them for a strength and conditioning program. However, it has been relatively underwhelming when it comes to helping new members integrate and provide a single point of contact for questions, tips, and a shoulder dedicated to help new members discover their potential in the first 30 days.

Accordingly, we are very proud to announce Ashley Pritz in the role of Phase 1 Mentor!

Ashley Geary Phase 1 Mentor

With inside knowledge of how the gym is run, the first hand experience of being a new member herself in 2013 and not knowing a single soul, plus the education that accompanies nearly five years of membership, and P360 Level 1 FCC under her belt, there is no one more perfect to help new members acclimate to all things Performance360.

Ashley has gone through everything that the gym has offered in four plus years, including every level of ability from complete first timer all the way up to one our highest performers. She will be able to relate to anyone who walks through our doors and help them fit into wherever their level of fitness meets them. We’re incredibly excited about this new role for her, the progress and improvement it will bring to our gym, and the benefit she will have for all new faces.

Ashley will be helping you set goals, get adjusted to your new environment, plan PHASE 1 social gatherings, group workouts, and more. If you’re in Phase 1 currently, expect a friendly message and greeting from Ashley in the near future.


Friday, 1.5.18

First, 12’ EMOM
5 Power Jumps

Then, for Conditioning.
4/s Rotational Clean and Press
5/s Plyo Skaters
4 Hell Trots
100m Run
(x15 Min)