THURS: 3 Micro Training Mistakes

I talk a lot about the the ability to delineate between broad macro objectives and focused micro tasks. For example, if your goal was to get stronger (macro) then you would need a plan for the micro and it wouldn’t necessarily be to lift heavy every single day. That would be the guiding principle, but there would be some nuance to it. Sometimes, the micro might even conflict with the macro (like fat loss re-feed days).

Here are three to consider that are rather universal.

Not Running Hard Enough
Unless the time domain is over 20 minutes, you should be running hard. Remember, running is like anything else and it does require some specificity to get better at it. If you always find yourself half-assing the run, you’ll never get faster. I’d rather see you recover between movements, not on the run.

Too Much Weight on Your Olympic Lifts
You don’t ever get better at weightlifting (snatch, clean, jerk) if you have too much weight on the bar and have to muscle it up over head or into front rack. Weightlifting is extremely technique driven and requires your ability to create speed and timing. Both are impossible with weight that is too ambitious.

Taking Body Weight Movement for Granted
Consider that bodyweight movement is not only for it’s intended benefit (i.e., a push-up strengthening the upper body), but they are also opportunities to reinforce sound movement pattern and muscle balance. A well performed push-up with focus on complete range of motion and pelvic positioning will also reinforce a strong anterior core and scapular function in the shoulder. There’s no level of fitness that won’t benefit from sound body weight work.


Thursday, 6.14.18

First, for Strength.
5 Hang Power Cleans @ 60-80%
15 Glute Marches
Complete 1 set every 4 min. for 16 min.

Then, Quickly for Quality.
DB Front Squats
MB Slams
200m Row