THUR: The Wingman Foundation Fundraiser — This Saturday!

See the official event page.

We are just two days out from what we expect to be one of our biggest charitable turnouts yet. We’ve partnered up with the wonderful folks at The Wingman Foundation, a local San Diego based charity that aids in mishap support for Navy and Marine aviators and their families.

It will be a fun filled Saturday morning at our Crown Point gym. We’ll run a workout heat at 10 and 11, and tacos will hit the grill promptly after the first class completes and won’t stop until 1 pm when we conclude. We’ll have some cold beers on ice, and as always, an amazing community throwing down a for a cause near and dear to this town.

This event is open to the public, and we want you to rally your crew or family and show up big.

We’ll be asking for a $20 workout donation in which 100% of the total will go directly to The Wingman Foundation. After the event concludes, we will be posting a donation link for those who wish to help but cannot make it.

See you Saturday!

Performance360 Crown Point
2620 Ingraham Street
San Diego, CA 92109


Thursday, 7.19.18

FIrst. For Structure
1 Heavy Sled Drag
30”/s Low Side Plank
Complete 4 sets in 20’

Then. For Conditioning.
100m Run
100m Row
200m Run
200m Row
300m Run
300m Row
400m Run
400m Row
500m Run
(20’ Cap)