THUR: Why You Should Care About Your 1-Rep

You don’t need to prioritize your strength’s peak output in order to have your fitness benefit from knowing it.

Phrased differently, you don’t need to care about how you much you can squat for a single rep, but knowing so will allow the rest of your fitness to be much more productive.

For example, let’s say that you constantly hang out at 120# for five reps on your back squat because you think that’s 75%. You don’t know how much you can squat for a single, so you wing it. Definitely productive, but limiting.

You need stress to create change, and sooner or later, that weight will not be stress to your body. It will be comfort.

The alternative is to elect better knowledge of yourself. If you find out that your true back squat 1RM is 190#, now you realize two very important findings. First, you’re much more of a savage than you thought. Don’t underestimate the empowerment derived from that. Second, you’re now able to work at more appropriate percentages for your development.

Can you get a ton of out of fitness and strength training without ever finding your 1RM? Yes. But to choose to cap yourself because you perceive danger from it would be highly foolish and inherently limiting to your own progress.

Finding your high end strength is not so specific in that it’s only about how much you can squat.

Most times, specificity we might pigeonhole has far reaching usefulness elsewhere.


(Note: We don’t encourage finding a 1R until at least the six month mark.)

Thursday, 6.28.18

First, for Strength.
4 Hang Power Cleans @ 60-80%
10″/sd SL Glute Bridge Holds
Complete 1 set every 4 min. for 16 min.

Then, for Conditioning.
10 Rope Waves + 3 Slams (x3)
5 Bench Jump Overs
6 Toe Tap Push-Ups
40m 1-Arm Farmer Walk
(x12 Min)