THUR: Welcome, Assistant Coaches

In an effort to be able to better provide more thorough attention to all parts of the room, we’re very pumped to begin week two of our new Assistant Coaches joining us in select classes on the schedule.

By now, perhaps you’ve read about it or seen them in one of your classes.

  • Adam Campbell
  • Abby May
  • Ashley Pritz
  • Rickie Wickland

All have attended one or multiple Performance360 Coaches Academies and are primed to start showing off what they know in the effort to help you get better.

This will be an evolving roll-out, and they won’t be in every class. Only classes that are at peak times and feature barbell lifts in the first tier. Each month, the classes that ACs participate will revolve based on coaching need.

If you are a newer athlete or in PHASE 1, you will have the full attention of an AC in the first tier during your very important development phase.

If you are a longer-tenured member with a bit more experience, you will now have the full attention of the Coach to help you work through goals, sticking points, and better efficiency.

We’re very, very excited about the team addition, and we hope you guys are, too.


Thursday 7.12.18

Perform each letter twice at 3’/1’ @Max Pace

Teams of 3.
5 Hang Power Cleans
3 Lateral Plate Burpees

6 Goblet Curtsy Lunge
6 Russian Twists