THUR: Tyler DeLorme Awarded the P360 Hammer

Among some of our unveiled, macro-based recognition in the gym this year is our brand new Hammer. Given yearly to our top five highest attending members, the Hammer is individualized and custom made, meant to symbolize all that is unsung hard work for that individual.

This week, we were pleased to award it to Tyler DeLorme for his 250 classes in 2018, placing him at number five on the list. Tyler is one of our more quiet, reserved members, but he’s also among the most coachable and hard working. He’s always leaving better than he entered, but he perfectly walks the fine nuanced line of consistency without overdoing it.

“For me the gym is about mental clarity just as much as physical development. I love seeing myself get stronger and contributing to my health, but to stay focused and alert throughout the day I need a good burner of a work out.” 

Congrats to Tyler, and all of our to be announced winners.


Thursday, 1.17.19

First, In a Circuit.
1 Rope Pull + Rev Drag Back
10 Hollow Rocks
10 Ring Rows
10 MB Slams
Max Cal All out Bike Sprint

Then. “Death By Burpee”
EMOM Style
*When the clock beeps, you perform that number of burpees within that minute. If you do not complete the reps, that’s your last round. If you complete the reps, you move on to the next minute*

1’ = 1 Burpee
2’ = 2 Burpees
3’ = 3 Burpees
Continue until last man or woman standing

PHASE 1: Optional 5′ Row Test