THUR: The Universal Human Need

What need does a mom, marathon runner, bartender, grandfather, recreational golfer, sherpa, and hunter gatherer all have in common?


Every human being on this Earth has a physical skill set. Some have greater aptitude than others and express their physicality in different ways, but we all have physical needs. Needs that get us through our day and allow us to participate in the things that we like to do.

More energy with our kids. Faster times on the course. More endurance during a grueling shift on our feet, staying up later with our grand kids, or for those whose job is physical by nature; the need to continuously produce for their family without setback.

With fitness as it pertains to life, we must draw a line in the sand and we must understand that preferences do not matter here. This is about productivity and necessity, and there is not a physical capacity that we posses that will greater improve our lives than the development of our strength.

Leaving that box unchecked is to live a life that has a lower ceiling.

We think that training strength means grinding through over set with as much weight on the bar as possible and the idea that we’ll get hurt. Nay. Strength training comes in many forms. Going up a bell, adding a modest five to ten pounds to your lifts every few months, showing up on testing days. The key is to identify where it exists in your training, in your day, and prioritize its endless pursuit.

For those who don’t have strength as a goal in the gym, or worse yet, actively avoid it, I ask you, why? Under what conditions can we argue against the fact that weaker able bodied people will always be less capable, more susceptible, and less in control of their own destiny?

I can’t think of any. Can you?


Thursday, 11.1.18

First. For PPB
Strength Endurance 3:
5’ Max Pull-Ups

Then. For Conditioning
5/s Elevated Split Squats
8 V-Ups
8 Rotational MB Slams
100m Run ~80% Sprint

Optional Finisher
500m Partner Farmer Carry