THUR: The Most Important Focus for Row Technique

Single arm rowing is a great tool to develop strong arms and back, and healthy shoulders. However, we can easily lose the latter benefit if we’re not focusing on proper activation.

As you assume your staggered stance today, prior to every rep we want you to think about one thing:

Initiate the movement at the shoulder blade. Prior to bending your elbow, think about pulling the bell upward by squeezing the working shoulder blade back and towards the middle of your back. This will ensure that you are activating your posterior deltoids, rhomboids, and middle trap. These three muscles are super important for balance around the shoulder and keeping you healthy for overhead work.



Thursday, 3.7.19

First. For Strength.
5 Front Squats @ 60-80%
8/s KB Lawnmower Row
Complete 1 set every 5′ for 20′

Then. For Conditioning.
DB Complex:
100 Run
KB Complex
100m Run

PHASE 1: Squat + Row Test (Optional)