THUR: The (Misleading?) Road to Hana

There is a drive in Hawaii that some of you who have traveled to Hawaii have no doubt done. The famous Road to Hana is a day long drive along coastal Maui that takes you along the curving, canopied Hana Highway. Along the way, there are many pull-offs and side trips one can make, ranging from waterfalls, short rain forest hikes, state beaches, gardens, swimming holes, and more. Every one of these pit stops would compete for the most beautiful thing most people have seen in their life, yet on this highway, you get to enjoy them one after the other.

As wonderful as this sounds if you have never done it, believe it or not, for some the Road to Hana is a frustrating, “all day” endeavor that ultimately leaves them disappointed. After all, the town of Hana is very nice, but nothing spectacular and certainly not worth a six hour drive.

Your level of fulfillment depends entirely on your mentality heading into it.

If you embark on the Road to Hana with a hustle and bustle destination mindset, you will feel mislead and disappointed. You will resent the slow speed limits, care free drivers, and time inefficiency towards an underwhelming finish.

However, if you embark on the drive with a journey mentality, one that is predicated on enjoying every progress checkpoint and being less concerned with achieving the final objective and more concerned with how you appreciate it along the way, you will be rewarded greatly.

You have a choice with how you view your fitness goals this year.

Choose wisely.


Thursday, 1.10.19

First. For Conditioning
10 /6  Pull Ups
150m Run
10 DB Step Ups
100m Row
10 Gob Curtsy Lunge + Curl
150m Run

Then. For Time. TRACK
500m Row.

100 Hollow Rocks (no more than 10R at a time)

PHASE 1: 5′ Row Test (Optional)