THUR: Remember to Drive Health

During our recording yesterday for our upcoming September Podcast, we all talked about the number one thing we’ve learned in fitness over the past near eight years.

I’m going to spoil my answer a bit and tell you that for me, it’s to remember why you’re here: health.

We all have different goals and aspirations for how we spend our time in the gym, but none of us should ever lose sight on the fact that above all, the gym is a place of health. It is a place to combat the many hurdles we have to a modern day healthy life. Sitting all day, working too much, getting poor sleep, and eating tainted food. All that we are exposed to everyday is begging us to be unhealthy.

The gym is a place to combat all of that.

PRs, fast times, ripped abs. All meaningless if we are not holistically well.

No matter what your personal goals are, never forget to drive health and function for yourself when it comes to fitness.

Without it. We got nothin’.


Thursday, 9.27.18

First. For Strength.
Work up to a Heavy Snatch
(x25 Min)

Then. For Conditioning
10 DB Step Ups
8 Push Ups
6 Skaters
4/s Sprinter Crunches
80m Farmers Walk