THUR: Push-Up PPB Day

Today is a great day to check in on our most basic form of human strength, the push-up. It also happens to be the only movement in the gym that could one day save our life if we can maintain the ability to perform push-ups into our twilight years, but I digress.

Today, when we re-test our week one baseline, the goal is obviously to improve but not at the cost of worse reps. Don’t trade technique for a higher total, be truthful to your output. Focus on the following:

  1. Keep Your Pelvis Aligned – If you feel your lower back going into arch, don’t. An arched back supports pelvic positioning that will create compressive forces in our movement, and it also turns off the pecs some and activates the lats more. Not what we’re after in the push-up.
  2. Look Down – There’s nothing for you up there except worse reps when you look forward.
  3. Feel Your Elbows Extend – Do it.
  4. Boop – Give your nose a little “boop” on the ground to ensure full range.

Listen to your coaches. Go crush some reps. If you’re feeling crazy, head back over here and post your week one to week five improvements in the comments section below.


Thursday, 2.1.18

First, for Strength.
5 Back Squat @ 60-80%
10 DB Side Raise
Complete 1 set every 5 minutes for 20 minutes.

Then, for PPB.
SE 4: 5’ Max Push-Ups

Then, for Conditioning.
w/ a Partner.
A: Max Plate Flutter Kicks
B: 100m Run
(x7 Min.)