THUR: January Etiquette We Can All Rally Behind

Thursday’s PSC workout below. 

It’s no secret that January creates an electric feel in the gym and a heightened sense of motivation. Accordingly, there’s more of us registering for class, attending, and walking in and out of the doors this month. We all know the drill, we’ve all been there. Let’s use it as a positive to meet new faces, pick up new inspiration, and push yourself towards heights that we all know we’d struggle to reach alone.

That said, there are absolutely some ways we can all contribute as a community in order to make ourselves a net contributor to the positive experience, not obstacle to it.

As a gym, we intentionally do not go after January low hanging fruit in the form of fast start and quick fade resolutioners. We value our experience and culture, and we’re not interested in dilution for the sake of a quick buck. We simply ask that you help us out with the following requests.

Please be respectful of class registration. There is nothing that gives me faster and more crippling anxiety than seeing a wait list for a class. I want nothing more than everyone to get their ideal experience here in their preferred time slot, always. I actually stayed up Thanksgiving eve manually putting people into classes, expanding the rosters, and ensuring everyone could workout in a hugely unexpected turkey day demand. So believe me, this is not something we take lightly. That said, we will not sacrifice the community experience for your personal convenience as an individual.

We will be temporarily increasing the cap of certain class times to better accommodate the short-term surge, so if you do not make it into your ideal class time, do not show up and steamroll the attendance. You’ll be told to attend a different class if you show up un-registered to a full class and without apology. You have been advised :)

Please don’t sign up early unless you know you are going to attend. We go through this every year. People panic and sign up 24 hours ahead of time with no definitive intention of showing up. This creates a registration log jam and the perception that classes are busier than they are. When you know you’re going to attend, log on, sign-in. You’ll get into the vast majority of your ideal classes, and if you don’t, pick another great workout that we offer.

Please get here on time. I’ve personally instructed the coach’s not to repeat coaching to you if you’re late. It takes away from folks who need the coach’s time in the first few minutes of the workout. If you show up late, get the answers elsewhere.

Please be mindful of equipment usage. If you don’t enjoy the company of someone else on a barbell, that’s another issue altogether as that’s kind of what we do here, but that will be brought to the limelight in January. There will be no tolerance for anything other than welcoming someone to share with you. We have invested in enough equipment to make this easy. In addition, there are a few other things we can do that would greatly help everyone out.

  • Be aware of the coach’s instruction for class layout. If we ask you to swing bells in the front, swing them in the front, please.
  • Please organize your barbells in nice, clean rows. This goes a long way towards giving your coach easy access and flow to the class.
  • Efficiency on and off the rowers. For something that’s part of a circuit, there is no need to personally align your foot adjustment. Hop in and hop out, please.

Please introduce yourself. If you see a new face, introduce yourself. Be welcoming. Act how you’d want someone to act towards you if you were adjusting to a new environment somewhere.

Please help someone in need. If you’ve been around a while, lend a hand to a newbie with something if it looks like they need it.

Please wait outside the gym prior to your class. Please help us out by not crowding the water cooler, entry way, or space needed during a workout.

That’s it. Please and thank you.

Let’s have a great January. Let’s set some goals. Let’s kick some ass. Let’s take some names.


Thursday, 1.4.18

First, for Strength.
5 Back Squat @ 60-80%
5 DB Front Raise w/ Pec Contraction
Complete 1 set every 4 minutes for 16 minutes.

Then, for Personal Progress Benchmark
Strength Endurance 4 (SE 4)
5’ of Max Push-Ups

Then, for Conditioning.
10 DB Step-Ups @ Moderate Weight
5 ½ Burpees
100m Sprint
(x8 Min)