THUR: Examine No Measures in Isolation

Tom just increased his three-rep deadlift by 50#.

Michelle by 5#.

Pop quiz: Who did better?

While most would immediately look at this and scream out that Tom was the landslide winner, they would be doing so because they are looking at the measurement in isolation. They are not considering relativity and the surrounding data points.

What if part two of the question went on like this?

Tom just increased his three-rep deadlift by 50#. He was brand new to the movement in January, and went up from 135# to 185#.

Michelle by 5#. She has been deadlifting for seven years and went from 290 to 295#.

Now, which is better?

Honestly, neither. They are both very good progressions for where each individual’s experience level lies. To increase five pounds in a top set for an advanced athlete through hard work and smart frequency is just as celebratory as a new member going up fifty pounds purely out of motor learning and consistency.

Never examine your data points in isolation. Always consider your trajectory and where you, and others around you, are on the curve.


Thursday, 2.14.19

First, for Quality.
SB Squats
Push Ups
BB Bicep Curls
15’ Cap

Then. For Conditioning.
10-10-10 Plate Complex
10 Ring Dips
200 Run