THUR: Embrace Bands in the Pull-Up

If you are trying to build strength in your pull-up, I would encourage to embrace the bands to help you do just that. Think of it like trying to build strength in the squat. You wouldn’t do so performing one rep, you’d do so by building volume, accumulating good positioning, and developing strong working muscles.

Too often we see folks around the gym laboring away with shitty, bandless reps and doing the opposite. Not training the positional ability or the muscles.

Pick a band that is tough but allows you to do all reps unbroken, with reps one looking the same as reps eight. A good gauge is that if you feel your lats after your set, you’re in the right level of difficulty.

If you feel your biceps more, you probably are too bicep dominant from performing too many poor reps.

Bands, y’all.

Low and slow.


Thursday, 4.11.19

First, for Fitness.
8 Pull Ups
5 One Step Box Jumps
20” SB Hold
*Work for 16’*

Then. For Conditioning.
8 Push Ups
6 Lunge Jumps
–Rest 90”–