THUR: Doing All The Things

Last week Jezer asked an excellent question in the member classroom about the frequency in which to attend the gym when the goal is to “do all the things.” Basically, the gym version of FOMO when it comes to goals and achievements, and I thought my answer would make for a good learning opportunity for all.

Doing all the things all the the time is a surefire way to be good at everything, but really good at nothing. And you’ll be in a perpetual state of not feeling all that great and likely on the road to injury. I’ve been there, it’s not super fun.

I’d like for you to think about getting good at everything (I am sure this means different things to different people, but doesn’t matter) on a macro scale, and not a micro scale. What I mean is, expect to get good at “all the things” over a longer curve that is shaped more like a hill, not a spiking cliff. Use the macro year to improve at different capacities, not the micro month or week.

Not only is it impossible to excel at everything in a condensed recovery window, but you’ll feel like a dog chasing his tail doing so.

If performance is your goal, in a given month, pick one or two things you want to improve on and booked those days with recovery. For example, let’s say this month I wanted to work on my back squat and my all out conditioning. I might pick a training schedule that is M, W, F. It lets me hit back squats on Wednesday, as well as the LT PPB on Friday. And the big days (M) and (F) have rest/recovery before and after them.

It takes athletes decades to become world class decathletes. Don’t expect to achieve the same scaled proficiency in a month.


Thursday, 5.17.18

First. For Structure.
10 Banded Rows
5/s TGU Sit-Ups
30-45” Heavy IT Farmer’s Hold
*Complete 4 Rounds in 16’*

Then. For Conditioning.
Row Ladder in Teams of 4.