THUR: Convergence or Divergence?

The two are polar opposites. One brings you towards something, the other away.

Knowing which way we lean for certain actions is a critical part of assessing your progress. For example, let’s say that you are relatively new to strength and conditioning and you want to learn. You want to learn how to perform strict pull-ups and do sound back squats. For this, you’d choose convergence. You would voluntarily steer your path to those of others already doing it. You’d want to immerse yourself in that environment and absorb the air like osmosis.

If you are a member of the gym and you want to get as strong as you possibly could, you’d likely seek out certain workouts and cherry pick the movements you perform in the name of energy conservation. So, you get real strong for twelve weeks and objective achieved. But twelve weeks is also enough to create subconscious habit and before you know it, you’re locked into your strength-based routine where all that you do are two-tier PSCs and MUSCLE, whether or not those continue to support your goals or not.

Habit is a bitch to break.

This exact form of stale convergence is what leads many to plateau in their ability.

New goals often need divergence, to temporarily move away from what from you know and love if it doesn’t serve what you’re trying to achieve. Stuck in a plateau or rut? Something as subtle as changing your micro-environment (class time, coach, class option) creates enough divergence from your routine that your sense of motivation and purpose is renewed. You have new people in the room from whom to absorb energy, a new coach’s voice, and an environment of new variables.

All can be hugely positive.

Settling into routine and never budging is harmful, and so too is constantly changing it up before adaptation occurs. The two much occur in balance. Use convergence and divergence to your advantage by assessing what you’re doing and what you’re after every twelve weeks or so. Then, decide from what you’re moving away, and what you’re moving towards.


First. 7 Rounds EOMOM.
4 Hang Power Snatches @60-75%
6 RDL Power Jumps
10 Sprinter Crunches

Then. For Conditioning.
200m Run @ 80%
1 Rope Pull AFAP + Return Rev Drag
8 Pull Ups
8 Rotational MB Slams