THUR: Congrats on 3 Years, Coach Brenna!

A reminder that this Friday, we have our 6th annual P360 Friendsgiving Potluck. 7pm at Crown Point. In addition, we are currently in our food drive from now until Monday at all 3 gyms. 

Coach Brenna has been a part of Performance360 the better part of seven years, and a Coach now for three years. She was a member for four years prior to stepping on the other side of the room, and since then, all she has done has been one of our most consistent, hardest working, passionate coaches.

Brenna juggles a physically demanding day job as a dive researcher, then, shows up and moves around on her feet for two hours after that, coaching the room, forming relationships, inspiring others, and getting better.

Our gym is so, so much better for having her. We can only hope that her cat mom coffee mug, Oreo socks, and framed deadlift face express a fraction of our gratitude for her time and energy. Please make sure you thank her when you see her.

-The Team

Thursday, 11.15.18

First. For Structure
1 Rope Pull + Lateral Return Drag
80m SA ½ Front Rack KB Carry
*Complete 4 to 5 Rounds in 20 Minutes

Then. For Conditioning w/a pal
A: 6 Lateral Plate Burpees
B: Rest
—Rest 3’—
A: 5/s DB Snatch
B: Rest