THUR: Congrats on 2 Years, Coach Kyle

What do you get the coach who gets KB class fired up with tasty chords and nostalgic melodies?? Why a DMB poster, of course (other grand prizes include mustache comb, Patriots socks to show off other worldly calves).

A thank you and congratulations to Kyle on his two year anniversary as Coach.

Please make sure that you wish him the same when you see him around the gym.

-The P360 Team

Thursday, 8.16.18

First. For Structure
2/s TGU
*Work for 15’ with rest*

Then. 6’ EMOM:
4/s OH Plate Curtsy Lunge
10 Plate Toe Taps

8’ EMOM:
8 Plate GTOs
5 Tuck Jumps

10’ EMOM:
2/s DB Snatch Burpee