THUR: Congrats January PHASE 1 Grads

January is always a super exciting month in the gym. Everyone is jazzed to hit new goals, start fresh, and generally take their fitness and nutrition much more seriously. Here’s hoping that lasts beyond an arbitrary calendar month that really doesn’t effect time :).

Anyhow, here are our brand new PHASE 1 Grads from the month of January:

Pacific Beach:

  • Skylar Cox
  • Adrian Dubiel
  • Katelyn White
  • Thomas Keiffer
  • Xico Casillas
  • Simon Braumann
  • Naureen Farooqui
  • Elaine Drummond
  • Mike Watkins
  • Esmeralda Rojas
  • Alexandra Klein
  • Adam Dolan
  • Ally Ocon
  • Natalie Bujarski (pictured above)
  • Bryan Bujarski (pictured above)
  • Ryan Sanders
  • Kazu Umemoto
  • Justin Spinks
  • Bryan Grissinger
  • Dana Plinski
  • Christian Lumicao
  • Derek Holl
  • Brennen Brodersen
  • Maryjane Brodski
  • Rob Dudley
  • Susan Sontag
  • Jason Christopher
  • Heather Walters

Ocean Beach

  • Vanessa Brigham
  • Kamrin Olavarria
  • Mike White
  • Scott Postl
  • Mike Hutchins
  • Kevin Kucinkas
  • Kyle McHale

A most excellent job all around, everyone! We can’t wait to see who steps forward and rings the bell in February.

-The Team

Thursday, 1.31.19

First. 8’ AMRAP
5/s DB Snatch
20/s Plate Flutter Kicks

Then. For Conditioning.
Sand Bag Carry
8 KB Side Lunges
Max Push Ups
8 MB Slams
80m All Out Sprint

PHASE 1: Row Test (Optional)