THUR: Bad Wins?

I was listening to NFL Radio while running gym errands earlier this week and they were talking about the Redskins “bad” win over Dallas. Bad clock management, Alex Smith didn’t play well, and the team offense got worse as the game progressed, not better. They raised the question of whether or not the Redskins actually improved in the win.

In sports, it’s commonplace to talk about a bad win. A team that goes out, doesn’t play well, has infighting, loses a few key players to injury, and goes into overtime or extra innings and tires everyone out for the rest of the week. Sure, the team came out with a win, but it was a “bad” win.

I happen to believe that is nonsense. On the field, a win is a a win and they are always good, no matter the ancillary outcomes associated with it. Every game presents an opportunity to get better and I’d take the win column checked along with that over the loss column any day. You’d have to be a fool to think otherwise, in my opinion.

But is there merit to that within a gym setting. Are there such things as bad wins? If you grind out a back squat PR with terrible technique, is that a win? If you re-aggravated your biceps tendinitis, but you beat your 1000 meter row by four seconds, is that a win?

I’m honestly asking, as I think there’s merit on both sides of the argument.

Where do the lines of progress and how we feel intersect?

Sound off.


Thursday, 10.25.18

First. For Structure
1 Uneven Rope Pull AFAP
10 KB Dead Bugs
Complete 4 sets in 18 minutes.

Then. Partner Conditioning
a) 5 Goblet Squat Jumps + 10 Hollow Rocks
b) Rest
–Rest 3’–
a) 3 Hell Trots
b) Rest