THUR: August Schedule Adjustments

Summer of updating outdated class schedule components continues with the following updates in August.

  • 10a/11a class times will be M – F.
  • Tuesday at 4:30 will be a MUSCLE class.
  • Monthly Community Workouts will no longer be on first Sundays, but first Saturdays at 9am at CP and OB, respectively. 

As always, attendance trend over extended time dictates class adjustments. We’re very thrilled to see that MUSCLE has become in such demand, and happy to accommodate what’s obvious people want to attend.

-The P360 Team

Thursday, 7.26.18

First, PPB Re-Test
SE: 4
5’ Max Push-Ups

8 DB Step Ups
8 Sprinter Crunches
100m Sprint

3/s RDL KB Handoffs
5/s T-Spine Openers