THUR: 8th Annual Thanksgiving Day Workout

Join us for a pre-feast sweat for our 8th annual Thanksgiving Day workout.

Crown Point: 8, 9, 10 am
Ocean Beach: 9, 10 am

No better way to lay the foundation for a day of delicious glutton than to get the body primed to soak up that glycogen, amirite?

Open to the public. No drop in fee for guests. Come one, come all.

-The Team

Thursday, 11.22.18

First. 7’ EMOM
6 Burpees

Then, for 25 Min.
300m Run
10 Bear Stance Renegade Rows
10 Plate GTOs
20 Plate Flutter Kicks
8 Rotational MB Slams
5 Goblet Squat + Curl
8 Cal Assault Bike

3×30”/s SA Farmer Hold