An ongoing at-home challenge focusing on habits, immunity, overall health & staying active until classes resume at the gym.

The THRIVE Challenge includes at home workouts, nutrition and habits guide, tracking, daily videos & walkthroughs and a points leaderboard.




How the challenge works:

Start Date: Monday 3/23
End Date: Once classes are no longer suspended

Once you sign-up, you will receive our THRIVE ebook via email within a few hours. Starting Monday 3/23 you will follow the at-home training on our website (Members area —> Today’s Training), nutrition plans from the ebook and accumulate points throughout the challenge. The way to accumulate points are below.

Tracking: All points must be tracked in our Performance360 PPT Tracking App (Download: Iphone / Android) for each day. You’ll enter the total points accumulated each day and they will be tallied to your overall total.


  • Each day that you track your points, you’ll receive 1 entry into the contest.
  • Each day that you perform the workout and tag @performance360 on Instagram, you’ll receive 1 entry into the contest.

I don’t have any equipment at home, can I do this?

Not only can you do this, it’s what the challenge was designed for. Each day, we have two workout options:

  • Bodyweight PSC (no equipment needed)
  • Weighted PSC (for those who have minimal equipment like a DB, KB or alternate form of resistence)

What does the nutrition guide provide?

All plans are designed by certified nutrition coaches who have hands on experience getting results for a vast number of people.

The THRIVE guide will be based around overall health, boosting your immune system and simple ways to eat for the current times.

Is this a competition?

Yes! A friendly, community one since we are all in this together. There are two parts to the challenge:

  1. Accumulating points by following the workouts & THRIVE GUIDE and tracking them in our app.
  2. Gaining entries into our contest for a free membership for the remainder of 2020.

How do I earn points for the challenge?

Simple, follow the workouts + THRIVE guide and track your points in our app. Each day there will be a place in the app to track your total points for the day. You’ll accumulate the following points each day you complete and track them:

  • (25 points) for a daily Grassroots Workout 
  • (15 points) for hitting your water intake.
  • (10 points) per meal you make at home that has veggies.
  • (5 points) per any other meal you make at home.* 
  • (5 points) every time you consume an immune boosting food.
  • (5 points) for getting 8 hours of sleep.
  • (5 points) for going on a 10+ minute walk.
  • (5 points) for 10 minutes of stretching. 

*Snacks not included.

How do I earn entries to the FREE MEMBERSHIP FOR 2020 CONTEST?

  • Every time you complete a grassroots workout and tag @performance360 on Instagram, you’ll receive 1 entry.
  • Every time you enter your daily points into the tracking app, you’ll receive 1 entry.

At the end of the challenge, we’ll pick a winner from the pool of entries. Winner will get their membership free for the remainder of 2020.

How will I keep track of my points?

This process will be incredibly easy. Download our mobile app (Download: Iphone / Android), create an account if you don’t have one yet and under the “Whiteboard” Tab you’ll have the ability to enter the number of points you accumulated each day.

What does this cost?

Nothing, it’s 100% free.