Current PSC Cycle: 9/20 – 10/17
MON: Kettlebell Strength
TUES: Time Under Tension
WED: SA Overhead Strength
THUR: Anaerobic
FRI: Barbell Step-Ups

Helpful articles to help understand the benefits of this cycle:
T: Build More Muscle with Time Under Training

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First, for 16 Minutes:
4×4 Heavy RKB Swing
12 SA LM Press
20”/sd Half Rack Hold

Then, for 15 Minutes:
In a Team of 3
A: 6 KB Complex #3
B: Max Distance Row
C: Max Half Burpees


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READ: Build More Muscle with Time Under Training


1 Round:
60 Front Rack Reverse Lunges
*10 Cross Taps Every Break
500m Run

60 Renegade Row + Push-Up
*10 Hang Flutter Kicks Every Break
500m Run

60 Rotational MB Slams
*10 Squat Drops Every Break
500m Run


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First, for 16 Minutes:
10 DB Snatch
10″/sd SA Plank
12 Full Rack KB Step Ups

Then, in a 17 Min Cap:
15 OH KB Swings
150m Run

Performance: 5 Hang Power Snatch | “Fuel” Rx Version


Gym in Bay Park San Diego

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3×10′ / 2′
w/ a Partner in a You-Me Pace

5 Hang Power Cleans
10 Lunge Jumps

5 Front Squats
6 OTB Burpees

8 Barbell Row
8 BW Side Lunges


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6 Rounds:
12 Front Rack BB Step Up
12 Alt. KB Rows
12 Standing Reverse Fly

5×15 Cal Row Sprint


Gym in Bay Park San Diego


For 25 Minutes:
6 Chin-Ups
6 Jump Overs
8 Ballistic MB Snatch
8 SA MB Rollouts
150m Run

8 Minute Finisher:
w/ a Partner
Me: 200m Run
You: Max American Sit-Ups

Performance: 4 Weighted Chin-Ups


P360 is closed on Sundays. We encourage you to use this day to recover with family and friends, or to get outside and put your fitness to use in beautiful Southern California.

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