PB Remodeling Class Cancellations
Just a heads up, we will be gradually making some improvements to the aesthetics at our PB location during the second half of February, including an updated bathroom, new paint throughout the gym, and some subtle fixes to the flooring. Be advised that select class times may be cancelled to accommodate the work.

**This week — there will be no Saturday classes at the Pacific Beach location on 2/26, but we will still offer normal Saturday classes in Bay Park and OB!

Current PSC Cycle: 2.7 – 3.6
MON: Deadlift
TUES: Plyometrics
WED: Bench Press
THUR: Unilateral
FRI: Back Squats

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Gym in Ocean Beach San Diego
The Benefits of the Almighty Deadlift


First, for 18 Minutes
5 Deadlifts
20 Supported KB Row
40″ Side Plank

Then, 4-6-8, etc. Ascending Reps
HR KB Step Ups
Sprinter Crunch
DB Snatch
100m Run

Performance: 2 Deadlifts | “Urban Mile” Benchmark Workout


Programming Prep: Dark Matter
READ: Plyometrics, Isometrics, and the “Lateral” Family


For 40 Minutes Performed in a Ladder:
200m Row
5 Hang Power Cleans
10 Loaded Plyo Split Squats
10 Rotational MB Slams
10 Pendlay Rows
20 DB Hip Thrusts
25 Ring Rows
8 FTF Front Squats

Performance: 2 Power Cleans


Gym in Bay Park San Diego
4 Reasons the Bench Press is Absolutely ‘Functional’


Bench Press
DB Lunges
Plate Pull Through
KB Archer Row
150m Row


Gym in Bay Park San Diego
: The Importance of Unilateral Training


1’ on / 30” off
5 Rounds
A: 30” Goblet Lateral Step Overs
30” Decline Shoulder Taps

B: 30” Farmer Hold
30” Burpees

C: 30” DB Frog Pumps
30” Renegade Rows

D: 30” Ring Miyagis
30” High Plank Bird Dogs
(3’ rest between rounds 3 + 4)


How the Back Squat Gets You Jacked


25 Minutes:
10 Back Squats
20 SA Supported High Pull
10 KB HK Strict Press
12 Low Plank Reach

Work Up to a Heavy 3R Hip Thrust

Performance: 6 Back Squats


P360 DNA: 10 Principles Over 10 Years: Part 2

**Reminder — there will be no Saturday classes on 2/26 at the Pacific Beach location for remodeling, but will offer normal Saturday schedules at Bay Park and OB!

For 40 Minutes:
12:10:8 UH Grip BB Row
12:10:8 Ring Dips

14:12:10 KB Step Ups
14:12:10 Push-Up + Pull Through

8:6:4 MB Pop Up Slam
8:6:4 MB Renegade Row

25 SL Plyo Glute Bridges
400m Run



P360 is closed on Sundays. We encourage you to use this day to recover with family and friends, or to get outside and put your fitness to use in beautiful Southern California.

Personal training and skill sessions available.