Current PSC Cycle: 10.18 – 11.14

MON: Front Squat
TUES: Complexes
WED: Push Jerk
THUR: Aerobic System
FRI: Deadlift

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Gym in Bay Park San Diego

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First, for 16 Minutes:
5 Front Squats
16 Bird Dog Rows

Then, 12 Minutes:
8 DB Reverse Lunge to Curl
6 Ring Fly
4 Box Jumps

30 DB Thrusters
10 Lateral Hops Every Break
END: 400m Run

Performance: 2 Front Squats


Gym in Bay Park San Diego

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First, a 10′ EMOM
6 KB Complex

Every 90″ x 8
With a Partner in a You-Me Pace:

10 Ring Rows
8 Plate Pull Through
4 Jump Overs

8 Minute Finisher:
Me: 100m Run
You: Max Plyo Complex


Training ‘Explosive Strength’ With the Olympic Lifts

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First, for 15 Minutes:
5 Push Jerk
5 Broad Jumps

Then, for 15 Minutes:
8 BW Squats
8 Push-Ups
8 Butterfly Sit-Ups

Performance: 2 Split or Push Jerks


Gym 92109

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For 35 Minutes:
In a Team of 4

A: 300m Row

B: 10 LM Rotational Lunges + 20 LM Kickstand Row

C: 5 Chin-Ups + 10 Lateral Step Downs

D: 200m SA Farmer Walk


Gym in Bay Park San Diego

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Every 3 Min,
Rotate Between A + B
A: 10 Sumo Deadlift
12 Seated Rear Delt Raise
60 DB Hollow Kicks

B: 20 SA KB Front Squats
10 Seated KB Curls
(x8 Rounds)

Then, w/ a Partner:
Me: 30″ Max Burpee to DB Sumo Deadlift
You: Rest
(x5 Rounds Each)

500m Run


Performance360 Pacific Beach Gym


For 35 Minutes:
6 Chin-Ups
10 Plate Sit-Ups
15 Explosive Step Ups

200m Run

20 H2H KB Rows
10 DB Bridge Press

20 Cal Row

Performance: 4/2 Weighted Chin-Ups


P360 is closed on Sundays. We encourage you to use this day to recover with family and friends, or to get outside and put your fitness to use in beautiful Southern California.

Personal training and skill sessions available.