We are right in the thick of summer and want to take a minute and update you guys on the usual happenings, only this time they are not just the normal updates!

First, we know summer around Mission Bay Sportcenter is crazy.  Parking is tight, kids are everywhere, construction is ongoing and Saturday mornings are busy.  It’s just the reality of where you train and we are aware that it produces some inconveniences. The good news it that nine months out of the year we get to train on a private island and I promise, the summer craziness is drawing to a close at the end of August.  Thanks for bearing with us while we all just take a deep breath.

1-for-1 Update & 50% Off

You guys have been doing an awesome job with referrals over the last five weeks.   We have added 35 new faces to the P360 family and have 115 to go.  Sounds like a lot and it is, but all you have to do is individually refer someone and we all hit our goal and reward with a massive fun weekend.

We’ve decided to indefinitely continue the 50% off for both you and a friend if someone signs up as both a thank you for the help and enticement to get new people to try us.  Gym prices around the area are sky rocketing to as much as $199 per month so we like to think we are truly offering a premium service at below market price.

Here’s where we are with everything so far:


And please continue to have your friends sign up for the free trial online.  PLEASE do not simply show up unannounced with new faces.  Aside from it being very hard to manage, our statistics have showed that these people just plain don’t sign up.  And that’s a waste of everyone’s time, so thank you in advance.

Power Hour

We are increasing our strength-focused Power Hour classes from one to three times per week so we can have an even better program for those of you who really want to dial in strength.  In addition to the Thursday night class at 7 pm we’ll also be adding one on Monday at 7 pm and Saturday for open gym.

In these classes we’ll be performing more advanced strength movements and really targeting individual weaknesses.  The addition of two sessions will make this more scalable for beginners and will allow people to really break plateaus and see serious strength increases.

The Saturday Power Hour will not be a traditional class.  We’ll have a strength workout up on the board and you are encouraged to come in on your own and train any time from 9 – 11 am.

Saturday Workshops

One of the areas we hope to improve upon in year two is teaching and continuing education.  We want to do a better job of helping you understand the why and the how of certain things that we do.  So, over the course of the Fall and coming months we’re going to be scheduling once per month seminars/workshops on Saturday late mornings.  Completely optional, no cost at all just a way for you to learn about different aspects of training and nutrition.  Topics up for scheduling are

  • The science of diet
  • Strength vs. fat loss training
  • Mobility
  • Olympic lifting
  • and whatever else you guys want to do, so long as it’s within our knowledge realm of course 🙂


We don’t have a definitive start date as we are pretty slammed right now, but we’ll keep you guys posted.  For now, we are just hoping to gauge interest and compile topics.  The more we hear what you guys want to learn the better gym we’ll be.

SUP Surf n’ Turf

As a reminder, Stand Up Paddle Surf n’ Turf boot camp is officially back up and running again.  We had eleven folks in the first class last weekend and hope to see more and more faces throughout summer.  It’s an absolutely awesome way to train your core and shoulders and one of the more fun workouts you’ll experience.  Elyse Paulson runs the classes and they’re going down every other Saturday, so next weekend it will be back on the schedule.



Bad Ass of the Week

As I am sure you have seen, we launched the inaugural Bad Ass of the Week award in the gym that goes to the best Member Shout Out each week.  We weigh the accomplishments of all fitness levels equally so a 500# deadlift could compete head to head with a first timer going up on a major exercise.

This week’s winner:

Janka Lopatto, (50) 36″ Box Jumps

Totally up for grabs next week!

Our goal is to be the best member driven gym in San Diego so please continue to help us grow, provide feedback for new implements and voice your opinion if something strikes you.

-Dave & Pritz

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