The Perfect P360 Roadmap for Your Goals

The beauty of the Performance360™ program is that our training is designed to be well rounded in nature due to the nature of our PSC triad: Physique, Strength, Conditioning. The reality is that you don’t need to have hard goals or attendance anxiety. By simply showing up regularly 2-4x per week over the course of six months, the natural effectiveness of the program will unfold and run its course positively on you.

You will still get leaner, stronger, and fitter just by showing up to any days consistently and trying hard.

However, because each day carries with it a particular focus, it is also able to be customized by each user of it in a way that best suites them. Today, we’ll cover some common goals and how you can best reach them here through various attendance plans, as well as the 30,000 foot view of how you can support it with nutrition.

Recall that every cycle features the following breakdown:

  • Monday/Wednesday: STRENGTH
  • Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday: CONDITIONING
  • Friday: BUILD

4x Per Week Preference 

The following section is for those folks who have very flexible schedules and like to attend the gym often.

1. Strength Focus 

  • (2) STRENGTH days: If you are within your first 6 months, focus on the MAIN workout prescription for the day. If you have been here longer, focus on the PERFORMANCE lower rep focus.
  • (1) BUILD day: To support a strength goal, you should always have an ongoing compliment of building muscle and volume training as the foundation.
  • (1) CONDITIONING day: Conditioning is a critical part of building overall fitness and keep in mind we’re not a 45 minute cardio shop. Our conditioning is all high intensity in shorter time domains, so you aren’t going to be stripping muscle on these days like other concepts. You’re going to build it. Don’t be one of these jabronis who thinks only heavy lifting is how you get fit. No one thinks it’s cool to be out of breathe running around the block.

2. Muscle Growth Focus

  • (2) STRENGTH days: Focus on on following the MAIN workout prescription for one day, and the PERFORMANCE prescription for the other. This will give you a nice blend of rep schemes that will drive well-rounded muscle growth.
  • (1) BUILD day: For the obvious physique focus.
  • (1) CONDITIONING day: These days are low key very effective at building muscle. They provide lots of volume with shorter recovery periods: the exact formula to build muscle if you’re challenging load. So crank up the load just a little bit on these days to drive more of a muscle building outcome.

You might notice that the recommended prescription for strength and muscle is the same. Fitness isn’t complicated. It’s just made to be by way too many charlatans. These goals can be equally supported on the exact same days, they only need very subtle tweaks in their fitness execution (and diet).

3. Conditioning Focus

  • (1) STRENGTH days: Focus on the MAIN workout prescription for the day to make sure you are building and maintaining lean muscle during a fat loss focus.
  • (1) BUILD days: Muscle is an important component in changing your body composition and ensuring you don’t kill your metabolism.
  • (2) CONDITIONING day: With these days as your primary focus, it is important that you are making regular increases in your load. Don’t settle into a rabbit pace with no challenge. You will very quickly plateau.

For those of you a bit more focused on your conditioning levels, the biggest mistake that you can make is thinking that you need to avoid strength and hit only high flying workouts.

3x Per Week Preference

We’re following the same basic concepts here.

1. Strength or Muscle Growth Focus 

  • (2) STRENGTH days: For those more interested in strength, hit the PERFORMANCE option on Monday and Wednesday. If your goal is more physique than it is strength, hit the MAIN option for higher reps and more volume. You will get enough conditioning in the second tier of these days on a 3x per week plan to be more than adequate.
  • (1) BUILD day

2. Conditioning Focus

  • (1) STRENGTH or BUILD day: Focus on the MAIN workout prescription for the day if it’s a STRENGTH, or hit a BUILD day to make sure you are building and maintaining lean muscle during a fat loss focus.
  • (2) CONDITIONING days: Focus a bit more on challenging the load at “just” three days per week.

For those of you a bit more focused on your conditioning levels, the biggest mistake that you can make is thinking that you need to avoid strength and hit only high flying workouts. True conditioning makes you capable, and the only way to become physically capable is to have a strength foundation.

2x Per Week Preference

For those who do not maintain a second membership and P360 is your primary fitness routine on a 2x per week plan of attendance, there is no need to overly complicate your attendance as the natural holistic nature of the PSC program will run it’s course for you in whatever classes that you attend. Try hard when you’re here, though. While you can absolutely get results training twice per week, you are going to need to support that with a keen focus on your nutrition and effort levels when you are in class.

For those of you who maintain memberships at other gyms, we recommend attending days that suit your goals. For example, we know that some of you train here for your STRENGTH portion. So, attend Monday or Wednesday as often as you can. Etc. If you can’t make those days?


My Schedule Doesn’t Line Up with The Days

No need to send out the SOS flares! Recall that each day, you are naturally going to get a little bit of each of the PSC components: Physique, Strength, and Conditioning. The daily focus just indicates the primary focus of the day, not the exclusive outcome.

So, if you have muscle building goals but can’t make Friday, that is totally 100% fine. The neat thing about physiology is that volume can be obtained even on CONDITIONING days, for example. So on those days, to build muscle you would just dial down the pace and focus more on the load. Do that and we dare you not to leave with an insane pump. If you can’t come to Monday or Wednesday STRENGTH either, you can use the same strategy during a CONDITIONING day. Go heavier.

“I Want to Come Every Day”

For those with an incredibly flexible schedule and high motivation, that’s awesome. However, it’s unnecessary. There is a concept called the Law of Diminishing Returns that states every action has a point on the curve where doing “more” of it will not provide “more” results. That point is typically five days per week at Performance360. We don’t have a single coach who trains more than four times per week. Remember, this isn’t a bunch of jumping jacks. We train with weights EVERY day here, and the nature of each workout skews total body.

Four classes per week is plenty to hit your physical goals. If you insist on five, just make sure you are managing your load and you are listening to your coaches at what the overall objective is for the day. Don’t turn everyday into in all out effort every single time you train. It’s a recipe for problems down the line.

Common Nutrition Goals 

In the following examples you will see a handy bodyweight multiple to figure out a solid starting caloric intake.

So for example, if you weigh 175 pounds and it says x 12, then your caloric intake would be 2,100 goals per day.

Strength Increase

Caloric Intake: Your Bodyweight x 14
Protein Requirements: 1g per pound of bodyweight

Muscle Gain

Caloric Intake: Your Bodyweight x 16
Protein Requirements: 1g per pound of bodyweight

Fat Loss

Caloric Intake: Your Bodyweight x 12
Protein Requirements: 1 – 1.5g per pound of bodyweight

You can train for strength in the gym and have a fat loss nutrition goal. You can train for conditioning with a muscle growth caloric intake. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Mix and match your nutrition and fitness goals with what we’ve provided for you today, and watch your 2023 start out fast and furious towards those goals that you’ve always wanted.