The Movement Fix Ep. 3: Hinge Position

By Dave Thomas
Performance360 Coach, USAW, CPT, CNC

What is The Movement Fix?
It is a video series where we will be addressing and improving any single aspect of our training. It may be mechanics of a major movement, ways to get more out of smaller movements, how to efficiently pace your workout or any instance we can spend a few minutes educating you.

What will today’s episode cover?
Today, we will examine the barbell row and the importance of the hinge position. If performed properly, you get an excellent movement that develops the hamstrings. If you perform an improper hinge, you remove the benefit of the hamstrings and stress the lumbar spine.

What happens if I don’t watch?
You will likely perform the movement to a fraction of its benefit and potential. You’ll possibly leave your lower back sore when it shouldn’t be. You won’t receive any benefit on your hamstrings or glutes.

Total watch time:
2m 33s

Please let me know if this helped you by posting in the comments section of the Facebook post, here. If you have any other areas you’d like me to address, please share that as well. Make sure to check out other Movement Fix episodes, here.

Dave Thomas is owner and head coach at Performance360.

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