We always preach form at the gym when performing the more serious lifts like deadlifts, hang cleans, push press and squats among others.

The obvious and number one reason for this is safety.  If your form is correct then you greatly minimize your chance of injuring yourself, it’s pretty obvious

However, form is not just important for beginners learning the technique of the mechanics.  Form is HUGELY important for folks who already have it down and want to make serious, serious gains.

To illustrate the difference of good form vs. bad form I am showing you two videos of my and Pritz’s workout yesterday.

Video #1: Fail

You will see in this video I took the bar off the rack and kind of stuttered.  Honestly, the weight was heavier than I thought it was and I immediately took on a defeatist attitude.  The bar got in my head, I lost confidence and I did not create enough hip drive on the initial dip.  Secondly, I did not drive myself under the bar as I pressed it overhead.  See if you can find both of those spots on this miss.

Video #2: Hit

I decided to rest for three minutes and then try it again correcting the mistakes that I knew I made. On the second go around, I took the bar off the rack much faster with no hesitation, dipped my hips back and then drove them forward while driving myself underneath the bar on the press. It might take a trained eye to see it but watch how there is no hesitation when I get the weight. It’s grab and go.

I understand this might be a boring post for some but I wanted to hammer home the point that form is hugely important regardless of your fitness level. If you are beginner, it is vital so that you perform it safely and without injury and if you are bit further along the training curve it becomes even more important so that you can continue to make progress.

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