You wouldn’t drop a ton of loot on a Ferrari and then drive it all year without an oil change, right?

Well, your body is the same way.  Every now and again you need a tune-up, check under the head, double check the breaks and make sure everything is in order.  Better stated, you need to be preventative so you don’t run your car (or body) into the ground.

Today’s workout is a very important one in that it focuses primarily on mobility.  Mobility?  Yep. Mobility, and it’s quite a bit different from traditional flexibility.

Let me explain.

  • Flexibility = static stretching (being able to hold a position in a static, non-moving position by lengthening the working muscle).
  • Mobility = dynamic flexibility (being able to move with greater range of motion)



Flexibility is great and certainly beneficial but it’s limited in that it just works muscular flexibility.  ASide from loosening your glutes and hamstrings, there is not much athletic merit to static flexibility, meaning it is not going to drastically improve your performance or keep you as healthy as having ‘mobility’.

Some of the best athletes in the world have terrible flexibility but first class mobility.


Here’s why we should set aside time for mobility.

  • It works to create more flexible and stable joints.
  • It develops resilient ligaments which decrease your chance of serious injury (whether it’s in the gym, playing beach volleyball, skiing, surfing, snowboarding, out stumbling around PB…whatever it is you do for fun)
  • It allows us to perform better in the gym (better performance = better results)
  • It facilitates better posture.


We put every single one of our athletes through in-depth mobility exercises, but it’s also great for non-athletes who also just enjoy a good kick in the ass a few days a week (most people reading this).

So, we’re taking one of our mobility workouts that our college and pro athletes perform and putting our Daily Challenge classes through it.  Don’t let the lack of serious sweat fool you, this workout is as important as any that we’ll do.

It’s any gym’s responsibility to make sure its members are healthy, and putting nothing but heavy lifting on the menu all day every day is not the way to do that.  You need to step back, take a breathe and re-tune your body every now and again.

Enjoy my newly nimble friends!


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